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First post? Seems like a good place for an introduction.

Not gonna happen, though. Too much pain and sleepiness. It can wait. Not like I'm terribly interesting, anyway.

Anyway, I had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday at approximately 8:30 AM.

I've been all in a tizzy about how the anesthesia was doomed to kill me (which is nothing new; living with anxiety means I'm convinced that EVERYTHING is going to kill me).

So I got there, got my blood pressure and pulse checked, got asked a few questions, and they started setting up. Blood pressure cuff, pulse monitor, oxygen mask, sticky...something or others that they stuck to my chest and hipbone (hey, I'd had Ativan that morning; I wasn't quite with it), a stethoscope at my throat, the IV, and the supplies to keep the IV in place. I kept apologizing for shaking; although I was sedated somewhat, I was still scared shitless and close to tears (or possibly nervous giggle fits).

Finally, the rather scatterbrained surgeon came in and started doing stuff (not that I could tell you what; I wasn't dumb enough to move). One of the nurses put her hands on my chin to hold it up, which seemed kind of odd to me at the time, but was very soothing (there was an audible change in my pulse on the monitor, unless I'm misremembering). Then they said they were giving me something to sedate me before they gave me anesthesia. I put my head back entirely, blinked once slowly, and after what seemed like 5 minutes at the most, they were done.

I was wheeled (I think; fuck if I remember how I got there) to the recovery room, where I was put on a bed and allowed to see my mother. She covered me in a blanket, and I told her how funny it was that I'd gotten so worked up over being put under and then they never actually did it. She laughed at me and said that of course I'd gone out. I apparently hadn't realized it. Sneaky bastards.

I mean, I'm thankful. I'd have probably been a lot more scared if I knew it was happening. I still have no idea when they got me, but my best guess is that it's when I blinked after getting what was supposedly only a slight sedative.

Overall, it actually went extremely well. I barely slept last night, though I was up playing Tales of the Abyss, so it wasn't entirely fear. Everyone at the office was incredibly nice to me and did their best to relax and reassure me. I'm planning to send a thank you card and perhaps some sort of gift; I'm thankful they made everything so easy for me.
Also, I don't know what meds they gave me during the operation, but DAMN did I feel good after I got out (couldn't walk straight, though, ehehe)!

I feel like I've been punched in the jaw, but pain meds, sleep, and ice packs have been a godsend. My family's spoiling me rotten, giving me ice cream for breakfast and anything else I ask for.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be a useless piece of shit and sleep, take pain meds, browse the internet, and continue Tales of the Abyss all day.

Maybe I'll make a post when I'm not still kinda loopy and it's not 2AM, too. Oops.
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