vayaviya: Rasputin from Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha with the caption "In Soviet Russia, devil summons YOU!" (Rasputin - rah rah rasputin)
edel_blau: i mean these meds are easy enough to get, but i'm attached to my liver and i think i kinda need it to live :L
edel_blau: ahahahaha
edel_blau: liver
edel_blau: ahaha
edel_blau: i think i'm  high chris
vayaviya: (Yzma and Kronk - High five)
 Note to self: do not attempt to write things (like, hm, birthday cards) while high on pain meds.

At least I made my mother laugh on her birthday, even if it was at my expense, so I guess we could count it as a success...

I tried to make sense, I swear I did.

Also, I feel like cotton candy.  That's not normal, is it?
I'm awfully fond of these pain meds.

For the most part, I feel like I've been socked in the jaw, but everything feels warm and fluffy now.

I can't say I like the threat of liver damage, but I'm taking them only as prescribed, so I figure I'll be alright; I'm probably only feeling effects because I'm a complete lightweight.

It's nice, having a break from the constant anxiety, suicidal urges, and depression. Shame I'm going to run out soon.

Anyway, surely I have something more to mention...?
(All I can really think of is how much I want solid food. :< )

Also, how much I want this chibi Jade.  (And look at how cute chibi Guy is!  And Tear!  D'awwww...can I just buy them all?)

I contacted the seller as soon as I saw the post (twice, since it was just after my surgery and I was high as fuck on meds).  I'm hoping to hear back soon.  If I don't, I'll likely contact them again.

Me?  A tad obsessed.  Nah.

I'll likely be making a Tales of the Abyss post once I finish the game and/or start feeling a bit better.  I'm really enjoying it so far*, and I have possible plans to cosplay Natalia or Dist the Runny Reaper ROSE at either PAX East or Anime Boston next year.

*Even though, by all means, my thing for Jade doesn't make sense...sexual orientation is weird sometimes (do fictional characters count?  and this is exactly why I uploaded this icon).

I swear, I'll get around to an intro post eventually.  How about once I finally start thinking semi-normally, okay?

EDIT:  oh my god it may be the pain meds, but this is beautiful and I can't breathe help

Photobucket I know that feel, Yosuke.


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